Page Speed Optimisation Services

Page Speed Optimisation

No one likes a slow website. Search engines know this and prioritize websites that load fast by ranking them far higher in the search results.

Some ways to improve page speed include upgrading hosting, focusing on mobile responsiveness, and cleaning up code on your website. Our SEO team and development collaborate to optimize your website for page speed. 

It really is critical to have a fast loading time as even an extra second can dramatically increase visitors to your website. Our team of experts can optimize all types of websites ranging from WordPress to a static HTML page in order to give your users the best, fastest experience on your website.

How Do I Determine Page Load Speed?

The simplest method to determine the speed of your website is by using the Page Speed Insight tool from Google. It’s free to use and you can run it yourself. If your page speed is outside the recommended threshold set by Google, then our team can fix the issues and bring your site to an acceptable speed.

Build a Strategy
We look at your website’s current level of performance, examine all relevant data, and find areas to improve.
Our SEO team will conduct an audit of your website to find any SEO weaknesses that can be quickly fixed for immediate improvements.
Page Speed Fixes
We utilize a safe and secure environment to optimize your website before deploying it to the public internet. This avoids any potential bugs on the live site and is considered industry best practice.
We track your website’s performance after implementing the improvements to your website. This allows our team to make adjustments to your site that will improve its performance. Remember, SEO is a constantly evolving field and industry best-practice changes frequently.

Google Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals allow webmasters to track the user experience of their website. It gives reports on speed, stability, and responsiveness. The purpose of this is to allow webmasters to track data about the overall experience on their website.
Loading: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
The loading time of the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is basically how long it takes for the largest element on a webpage to load. A good LCP is 2.4 seconds or less.
Visual Stability: Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) measures the number of times an element on a page goes from a rendered frame to the next rendered frame. This is considered poor for the user experience. A score under 0.1 is considered optimal, but this really should be 0 or close to 0.
Interactivity: First Input Delay (FID)
First Input Delay (FID) how long it takes for a user to see the website when they visit it. 100 milliseconds or less is considered with a lower time being better.

Speed Optimization for WordPress

WordPress sites are fairly fast out of the box, but there’s always room for improvement and this improvement will greatly increase your SEO. Our team of developers know all the ways to speed up your WordPress site without breaking it. Our testing team then ensures there are no bugs on the site before deploying it to the public internet. 

Our team of experts can fix any speed optimization problems with your WordPress now matter how big or small the problem.

More Than a Web Development team.

Our web development team has expert knowledge of all the Core Web Vitals that Google loves in a website. They also understand that user experience is the most important metric and our web development centers around an improved user experience.

Mobile Optimized

A mobile optimized site needs to be both fast and responsive in order for it to properly appear on small mobile screen. Respovinesses permits your website to adjust its configuration to better appear on smaller devices. Navigating the website is easier, images are resized, and buttons become larger. It’s just a better user experience and one that your customers, and Google, like to see.

Our team of developers will ensure that your site is optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Our testing team will test out the responsiveness on different devices to ensure no bugs exist. Such a mobile responsive site will see a large increase in visitors, engagement, and lead to a strong online business that can grow your business.

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