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Pay per click (PPC) is the most effective paid online advertising as it brings targeted traffic directly to your landing page. The biggest PPC provider by far is Google Ads and is what is generally referred to when discussing PPC marketing. And Google is perfect for PPC – the search results are often jam packed with information and most Google Search users do not look past the first few results. 

That’s perfect because those first few results are right where your PPC links will sit. 

Our team of PPC experts have the knowledge and experience to stretch your PPC budget further across all platforms.

More Traffic
PPC is the best way to quickly increase traffic to your website. The clickthrough rate of paid ads for PPC on Google and Bing is far higher than any other ad medium.
Top Result
Search Engine Optimization can take awhile and is in no way guaranteed. PPC is instant and guaranteed to give you the top result on the search engine results page.
Targeted Leads
You can place your business in front of potential customers searching for exactly what you offer.
Conversion Tracking
It’s possible to track the visitors to your site from PPC including whether they convert or not.
Long Term Leads
PPC advertising adds customers to your business very quickly. It also gives you time for your organic search to improve to secure the long-term future of your business.
Brand Awareness
Advertising your brand can greatly increase awareness, which builds trust amongst customers.
Keyword Optimization
PPC advertising provides valuable insight into the keywords that your customers use to find your business.
A PPC audit consists of a highly trained PPC professional reviewing your existing PPC campaigns to uncover areas that can be optimized to increase the yield of your ad budget.
PPC Management Provided
Social Advertising Projects
Successful PPC Remarketings
Successful PPC Campaigns

PPC Management Services

Our dedicated team of PPC professionals can work within the monthly budget you have set up in order to add more customers to your business via PPC. We believe in providing maximum flexibility, so you can start or pause your PPC campaign whenever necessary for whatever reason.

Your account manager will go over the objectives and expectations you have for the PPC campaign and then recommend a solution that works best for you. Our management service also includes various types of tracking including conversion tracking that allows monitoring of all aspects of your sales funnel. 

Our PPC management service consists of keyword research, keyword bidding, creating advertising, and monitoring existing campaigns.

More Than a PPC Agency

We work closely with our customers in order to ensure the creation of effective PPC campaigns that meet and exceed your expectations. We have teams experienced in a variety of different advertising verticals and these teams collaborate to ensure a successful PPC campaign for your business.
Google Shopping
Google Shopping is an essential component of online marketing for eCommerce stores. Ads on Google Shopping receive top positions and appear as just another shopping result. If you have a good product with a competitive price, then you can see immediate, fast results with Google Shopping. In fact, Google Shopping is the best form of PPC advertising for eCommerce stores. Our team of PPC experts has extensive experience with Google Shopping and can set you up for success with Google Shopping paid ads.
YouTube would be one of the largest companies in the world if it was independent of Google. It’s a tremendous resource for advertising with over 2 billion users. Google has continued to maximize the potential for advertisers on YouTube and turned it into one of the premier Google properties for advertising. They do this by making YouTube ads as targeted as regular Google Ads while allowing video ads that can really captivate users. Our team has years of experience with YouTube Ads, which allows us to design campaigns that place your video ads in front of the users most likely to convert.
Display Ads and Remarketing
Display ads are one of the most effective ways a business can increase their brand awareness. It’s even possible to retarget visitors to your site, so they are constantly reminded about your business. The benefit with display ads is that they are very affordable with great results. We are a collaborative company with an excellent design team, so our design team can design amazing banner ads that really stand out. Of course, we will never publish any ads without first receiving approval from you and ensuring that it meets the brand guidelines your business uses.
Performance Max Campaigns
We are a Google Partner, which gives us access to new features and allows our team to master these features before the competition. One such feature is Performance Max. Performance Max allows companies to set a goal for conversions on different Google properties. It works so well because Performance Max uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine the best converting users and target ads at them. Our team has optimized both Performance Max and the many ways Performance Max can be used to turn ad viewers into long term customers.

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